Portfolio 2023

The list below was our first intake of companies incubated by CynestX in 2023 on its 12 month programme at the Workhouse, Enniskillen.
X-CEL Fitness Ltd, is a Northern Ireland based sports brand, developing sport nutrition products, white label and health products. Including drinks, shakes and vegan / Halall. Selling across the UK and Europe via distributor network and via its website. (Investment)


Macnean Gallery Ltd. Launch of an Art gallery with exclusive work by renowned artist Patrick Timoney. It also has art by Patricia Martinelli, Jeremy Henderson and Trevor Verner.  Exclusive art and prints. Management of long term art exhibitions and sales via online gallery. (Investment)




Just Zero Proof is an online drinks company, based in Ireland. Offering an amazing range on Non alcoholic drinks, from around the globe. Promoting via its e-commerce site and via socials, they intend to grow rapidly over the next 12 months. (Investment)




Revive Auto, is for car lovers everywhere, Revive your love of the automobile. Vintage clothing, car care and content. New website launching soon (Incubation)

Revive Auto Ireland



White Bulldog, is an online retailer of Nutrition products and supplements for sports. Offering multi sport support, and providing an outlet for sports goods across UK. (Incubation)


New men's fashion brand, focused on fashionable clothes, well sized at a good price. Not fast fashion but class fashion. A new clothing line for Ireland. (Incubation)


Tea Time Tipple

A drinks website with the best hand picked teas and coffee from India, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Costarica, India and beyond. Selling to the US Market via its ecommerce store. (Investment)



Serval Tech

Building bespoke gaming and high end computer equipment. Bespoke builds and one offs, all ordered via the website. For business, commercial & Personal use (Investment)